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The Barbershop Harmony Society
A Registered Quartet of the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America, Inc.

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Baritone  --  Sound Judgment

This barber shopper was introduced to three months of piano lessons at the tender age of five. Not to be discouraged his parents tried another three months of lessons at the age of eight, which confirmed that, a budding Mozart was not in the works. Nevertheless, a love of music was instilled Dave, which resurfaced in high school as he joined the high school's a cappella chorus.

Not until college post graduate work, on a teacher's credential, did he actually get his first taste of barber shopping (as a tenor). A highlight of that year's experience included singing barbershop songs around a campfire during a chapter sponsored campout near Chico, California. Singing in the San Francisco Spectacular with four hundred barber shoppers on stage and singing the tenor part in the after glow of that show, with a championship group featured in the show were other outstanding highs.

During the next three decades some piano key plunking continued, but no formal singing until the last decade. Off and on during the 1990's Dave sang with his town's local singing group that had a pianist to accompany them. In 1999, a new member to that group reintroduced this come-back singer to barber shopping in the neighboring town of Burlingame as a baritone. He found that the baritone part is challenging, great fun, and very much akin to singing

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