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A Barbershop Quartet

The Barbershop Harmony Society
A Registered Quartet of the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America, Inc.

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Quartet History

Our Checkered Career

   It all started in the spring of 2000 when Tom Addison, invited a group of barbershoppers from The Golden Chordsmen over to his home to explore the possibility of forming a quartet. We tried several combination of voices and found that all worked well. Since our goal was to be a performing and entertaining quartet, and since we all had busy schedules, we agreed to keep all seven singers in the group so we would be assured of having a quartet available to fulfill engagements.

   Our original seven members were Jim Daly as tenor, Pat Goulding and Tom Addison singing lead, Owen Doyle and Jim DeChaine bellowing bass, and Dave Stone and Pete Wanger filling in the baritone. We had two of every part except tenor, which made Jim Daly the most overworked singer in the bunch. One those rare occasions when Jim couldn't make an engagement, the versatile Pat Goulding sang tenor.

   We picked out seven songs, practiced together weekly, and everybody learned them. Next we bought seven identical blue note neckties, added some costumes and choreography and, voila!, we had an act.

   In the Fall of 2001, bass Jim DeChaine moved north to Windsor and we added the musically talented Gary Scalice at bass.

   In the summer of 2002, tenor Jim Daly moved to Aberdeen, Washington, and we were without a tenor until lead Tom Addison decided that he wanted to learn the tenor part. Jim was one of our original passionate and motivating sparkplugs, doing marketing and creating all of our publicity material and our original web site.

   Tom Addison switched over to tenor to fill out the quartet and then Tony Pistilli came on board as our second tenor in the spring of 2003.

   In February, 2004, Roy Yost joined up as our second lead singer. Now we have two of every part and are even more available for performances!

    Bruce Robertson joined us in July, 2005, adding another bass to our ensemble.

   Sadly, in November, 2006, Gary Scalice,our beloved bass and composer of "Throne of Grace", died of cancer.

   In 2007 Roy Yost departed to sing lead with the chorus' doo-wop group, Treblemaker5, and Gerald Chu joined us as tenor. Tony Pistilli retired from United Airlines and moved to Arizona.

   In 2008 Gerald Chu stepped aside to sing with "Musaic" and recently tenured Prof. Bruce Robertson devoted full time to teaching.

   The 2009 recession forced Pat Goulding to move to Las Vegas. With only three members we were out of business for a while.

   Wonderfully, in 2010 we added three new singers from the Coastside, Bill Woods, Rick Cram and Dean Stocker, along with David Hochron from the Peninsula.

   So now we're back to full strength and ready to entertain!

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